Annual reports

2016 President's Report

This is my first report as President and I would like to thank everyone for their hard work and contributions to Cycling ACT during my first year as President.  In particular I would like to thank the executive: Jim, Jess and Laura; and Committee members: Marcel, Bill, David, Paul, Jess and Michael for their contributions.  I also thank our Office Administrator Lexie for the invaluable assistance she has continued to provide to Cycling ACT throughout the year.

A lot has happened during the past year, including:

·         Preparing and finalising the Cycling ACT Strategic Plan 2016-2020

·         Working with ACTAS and CA in relation to the Interim Cycling Program and the Cycling Program more generally, including engaging:

o   Sian Mulholland as the Interim Cycling Program Coordinator

o   Bec Doolan, Michael Aisbitt and Vicki Whitelaw as the Network Coaches for the Interim Cycling Program

·         Continuing discussions with the ACT Government in relation to the Narrabundah Velodrome and the ability of Cycling ACT to take on a sublease / licence over the facility

·         Establishing a Women’s Subcommittee and running women’s skills sessions prior to the Peter Blackshaw Junior & Women’s Tour

·         Advocating for members with CA in relation to its national selection policy

·         Working with the ACT Vets on a Memorandum of Understanding for a closer working relationship

·         Working with our Clubs to provide a combined 2016 race calendar

·         Progressing the policy on payments to Commissaires

·         Various activities in relation to the ACT Government in relation to its proposed revisions to the Stromlo Forest Park Master Plan

·         Increasing the use of the Cycling ACT website / social media / CyclingACTion newsletter.

Going forward it will be fundamental for Cycling ACT to implement its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan and deliver on the broad goals identified in that document. 

I believe that the main challenges for Cycling ACT going forward will include:

·         Advocating for the protection and continued investment in road cycling infrastructure with the ACT Government (eg, the Stromlo Forest Park Master Plan)

·         Working with CA and ACTAS in relation to the ACTAS Cycling Program in 2017 and beyond and finalising / implementing an ACT-wide cycling / cyclist development plan

·         Reviewing and updating the Cycling ACT Constitution and By-Laws

·         Continuing to work with Capital Cycling to the benefit of our members, including in its running of the National Capital Tour

We also have a number of events we will be putting on in 2016-17, including:

·         U19 Nationals (1-3 July)

·         ACT Road and Track Championships

·         Oceanias

·         Junior & Women’s Tour

I have found the role of President of Cycling ACT to be very challenging, particularly in a timing / resourcing perspective, but also very rewarding.  It’s been great to be able to continue to build on the great work that Adrian Marshall and other past Presidents and past committees have undertaken in establishing Cycling ACT.  I have also enjoyed working with Stu Jones, the former President of the Canberra Cycling Club and the new Presidents of each of the ACT’s cycling clubs: Lauren Bartsch from ANU, Nathan Edwardson from CCC and Simon Tennant from Vikings.  What is so impressive about cycling in the ACT is the passion, commitment and dedication of all of those involved in “making it happen”, notwithstanding this all being on a purely voluntary basis.



2015 President's Report


This is my final report as President and I would like to thank all those that have worked tirelessly for Cycling ACT during my three year tenure as President.

I would particularly like to thank the executive: Marcel, Jim and Laura; and Committee members Shayne, Bill, Darren, David and Cheryl for their contributions.  A very special thanks also goes to Lexie in all that she has done during this period.

A lot has happened during this period, and I have gained a lot from my time working with the Committee to achieve the following:

·         New CA Structure and Board

·         Loan to CA to ensure continued activities

·         Narrabundah Velodrome refurbishment

·         Establishment of the Capital Cycling Alliance

·         Cycling ACTion newsletter

·         Traffic Marshal training

·         Change in ACTAS Coach

·         Working with Suzuki NRS Teams (men and women)

We have conducted some great events over this period including:

·         Junior and Women’s Tours

·         National Junior Road Championships

·         Oceania Road Championships

·         National Capital Tours

·         Annual Award Ceremonies

·         ACT Championships (road and track)

There have also been some significant challenges in this period.  The most notable include:

·         NCT budget

·         ACT cyclists ASADA infractions

Through these challenges however I have found that I have had the most personal growth, particularly through the ASADA infractions.

I believe that the main challenge for the future Committee/Executive is to establish Challenges for the future:

·         Working with Capital Cycling alliance to the benefit of our members

·         Establishing an Executive Officer role for Cycling ACT

·         Improve use of website/social media

·         ACTAS – improving its relevance

Things I have lost most sleep over:

·         Losing money in NCT

·         How difficult it can be at times to work with the ACT Govt..

·         Not having enough time to devote to the task of President

I look forward to a change in focus for me, to spend some more time with family and working on my business…. and getting out on the bike a bit more.

And remember, we are all volunteers doing the best that we can in part-time capacities. We will make mistakes, and we will have differences in views, but we are all joined by our passion for the cycling.



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