ACT Approved Clothing

 Registered Clothing for Open Competition.

For 2015 Cycling ACT requires any Team that want to race in Open Competition must be registered with Cycling ACT using the applicable form and payment of the applicable fee.
A Team for the purpose of this registration is defined as 1 to 12 individuals.
Open Competition is classified as any non club event held under the Cycling Australia umbrella.
Registration Fee is $110.00 per team.
Registration Period : 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016
Approved Team registration will be available for viewing on the ACT web site.
Please submit team registrations using the following form: 2014 ACT TEAM DESIGN REGISTRATION FORM.doc 
Teams exempt from ACT registration.
Teams registered with the UCI (Trade Teams, Pro Tour, Pro Continental, Continental etc)
Teams registered with Cycling Australia (Trade Teams, NRS Teams, National Teams, State Institute/Academy Teams, AIS Teams etc)
Teams automatically covered by Cycling ACT (ACT Cycling Clubs registered clothing, State representative/development clothing etc)
Examples of Open events.
National Championships
All State Championships
All State Open Road Tours
All NRS Events
Regional Open Tours
Open Road Handicaps
All Open Track events
Examples of specific races
Canberra Junior and Womens Tour
Riverina Series
Blaney to Bathurst
Coota Handicap
Wagga Wagga Wheel Race
Sydney Cup on Wheels
Victoria and Tasmania Christmas Carnivals

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